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No business owner likes to write hefty checks for phone systems, computer hardware, software and support but until recently, there weren’t any other options.

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“Choosing The Cloud Over Our Traditional Network Has Been A Good Decision That Will End Up Cutting Our IT Costs By 39%”

Spectrum Technology Solutions

Our business was growing and with that came the need to upgrade our server and systems. We had heard of cloud computing but didn’t know what to look for, what the downsides were (if any) and whether or not we should just stick with our server in house. So we called in Wayne at Spectrum Technology to provide some insights and guidance. Wayne gave us a comprehensive breakdown of the inner workings and the long term aspects of both cloud and on-premise options; that alone was a huge relief since he saved us countless hours trying to do the research ourselves. Naturally, we were fearful of making a wrong decision so we had a lot of questions; but Wayne was very knowledgeable and patient and took the time to explain everything to make sure we could make a good decision. It came down to a choice of being on the back end or the forefront of technology. We chose the Cloud server and we are very thankful that we did! This solution will save us well over $54,000 in IT costs. With the uncertainty of change, transition of data and training our staff, Wayne overwhelming exceeded our expectations. We know that Wayne and Spectrum Technology is just a phone call away. The best part is that we are able to log in and access our company data from any location. What a breath of fresh air! It feels great to know that we make a quality decision.

Penny King Partner - Crown Advisory LLC