Always Feeling Busy? Here are 5 Tips to Help You Get Your Life Back

busy-1We’ve all been there before. Our to-do list seems to be pilling up. We’re staying late and coming in early just to get things done. Yet no matter how much overtime and extra work we put in, it seems as if nothing has changed and that busy feeling doesn’t go away.

Does this sound like you?

Try these practical methods to help you calm down and feel less strained.

  1. Create a cue to slow down: Pick a cue that happens multiple times a day to indicate to you that it’s time for you to take a short break. Maybe it’s getting a snack every two hours or paying a visit to the loo. Whatever you decide, make that moment your own and do something that calms you down. Take deep breaths or do a stretch.
  1. Do at least one thing a day that is of your own agenda: For many of us, we have our own to-do lists that often have to take a backseat to last minute tasks that our coworkers or clients need us to do. Make the commitment to do at least one thing that is on your priority list.
  1. Relax while waiting: Patience is a virtue that most of us don’t have, especially those of us who operate in a constant state of busy. Instead of nervously tapping your foot the next time that you’re in that grocery line, take an opportunity to pause and think to yourself “How is day going?” “How can I stop and appreciate this moment?”
  1. Fuel the tank: Us busy people are often so concerned with the work we have ahead of us that we forget to take the time to stop and smell the roses, or eat for that matter. Take the time to properly fuel your body with nutritious foods. In addition, make your eating time, just for that, eating. Don’t interrupt it by working.
  1. Complete one task at a time: Sure, who doesn’t love to multitask? But when you spend your day switching from task to task, you may find that you haven’t actually completed anything. Instead, focus on one task at a time and budget in an appropriate time block to complete each task. That way, you can actually cross some items off of your list.

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