5 of the most recent DATA BREACHES

Broken lockIn the last few months, the cyber world has been hit with one attack after the other after the other. And while this sounds completely horrible, it really isn’t anything out of the ordinary. At this point, we’re used to cyber-threats and data breaches, and when something large-scale does occur, there’s the predictable mad dash for everyone and anyone to change their passwords – which is a good thing. The quicker you can get to your account to change your password, the more likely it is that you can come out of an attack unaffected. But what exactly have we seen in the last few months? Well, here are just a few of the most recent cyberattacks that have rocked the cyber world.


Around 45 million account credentials were stolen from the VerticalScope database this past February, and only very recently, was the public made aware of this major leak. VerticalScope hosts multiple sites related to online public forums like Tractor.com, Motorcycle.com, and Techsupportforum.com, and none of these sites were immune to the data breach.


Once again, Twitter is under fire for yet another data breach, and this time, over 32 million credentials are up for sale on the dark web. Although Twitter claims this hack isn’t legitimate, they’re sure acting like it is. Within the last few weeks, they’ve locked many active accounts and sent emails to these users requesting them to change their login information.


Most everyone heard about the recent LinkedIn hack but not for the typical reasons people are accustomed to hearing about hacks. Nearly four years ago, LinkedIn suffered a data breach that added up to about 6.5 million accounts. This information resurfaced a few weeks ago for sale on the dark web, but it went from 6.5 million accounts to 100 million. What’s even more surprising is that, allegedly, Mark Zuckerberg’s password was somewhere in that data breach. And this password was incredibly simple and easy to hack; and unfortunately, it was also the same password he was using for his other social media accounts… which then got hacked, too.


GoToMyPC released a statement on their site alleging that they had been hit with a “very sophisticated cyber-attack.” Many users were automatically locked out of their accounts and forced to update their passwords, but now, the online service is forcing all users to update their passwords. Must have been some attack…


A sole Russian hacker is allegedly responsible for the recent hackings of Myspace, LinkedIn, Tumbler, and a handful of other popular social media outlets. Now, other hackers are taking the information stolen from these sites and plugging it into other places just to see if it works – like they did with Github last month. It’s coined a ‘password reuse attack’, and basically, a hacker will take a person’s account information from one site and see if it’s the same on other websites. This is why security experts say it’s always important to keep your passwords unique.

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