3 “Techie” Reasons You Can Be Thankful This Season

1. Cyber-Thieves Keep A-Knockin’ But They Can’t Come In.  A study presented at the International Conference on Dependable Systems and
Networks showed that small-business networks are attacked every 39
seconds by some type of hacker or malicious software. Thankfully, having a
properly installed and maintained UTM (unified threat management) system
that includes a solid firewall, antivirus, spam filtering, content filtering and
intrusion detection system (which acts like a burglar alarm) CAN prevent
most attacks. Add to this training for your staff on how to spot cyber-scams
and avoid inviting a hacker into your network, and you’re protected from
most attacks.

2. Downtime Can Be A Thing Of The Past. Thanks to sophisticated network monitoring tools, any competent IT services company (that’s us!) can detect and fix problems before they turn into major outages. Hot fixes, patches and security updates are generally items that, when maintained on a regular
basis, keep a network healthy and up and running. And if you DO have a
problem, our remote management tools allow us to access your computer or
laptop from anywhere, getting you up and running faster than ever before.

3. If Disaster Strikes, You Can Be Back Up And Running In Minutes. Most businesses’ operations would be completely down for days or weeks if a
major natural disaster, fire or hacker attack occurred. But thanks to cloud
computing and modern BDR (backup and disaster recovery) devices, you
CAN restore your systems in minutes versus days. Of course, if you still
have a server in the closet and are using outdated tape backups or other on-premise backup solutions, you need to upgrade your backup. Today.

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