Spectrum Technology Solutions Works to Highlight Small Businesses in Phoenix and Around the World

Spectrum Technology Solutions Works to Highlight Small Businesses in Phoenix and Around the World

Spectrum Technology Solutions is proud to operate in Scottsdale in the Phoenix, Arizona area! Our team has been based here since our inception in 2009, and we’re committed to providing creative solutions to businesses large and small that are both strategic and innovative. As cyber security and cloud services experts, we are global leaders in providing managed IT services to B2B clients!

Today, we want to call special attention to the small businesses that keep our economy going. Small businesses are the backbone of Phoenix and the United States. Small businesses are king in Phoenix! Small businesses employ approximately 1 million Arizonans, support 23.1% of Arizona’s total exports, and pioneer innovative solutions to keep Phoenix moving forward.

Unfortunately, as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown, small businesses are hurting in Phoenix and around the country. Here at Spectrum Technology Solutions, we’ve been ordering more takeout to help our favorite restaurants.  Also, true to our mission, we have been working with small businesses to optimize their IT to help businesses utilize this time to hit the ground running when the economy restarts! Now is the best time to invest in things like cybersecurity to help your business.

One other way you can support small businesses is by leaving ratings and reviews online! Love your neighborhood bar? Leave them a review on Tripadvisor! Have a favorite hairdresser or barber? Go to Yelp and write them something nice. Do you love your B2B service provider? Review us on Clutch!

Clutch, and its sister site The Manifest, is our ratings and reviews platform of choice. Clutch helps businesses grow brand recognition by providing independently verified ratings and reviews of B2B service providers like call centers and cybersecurity providers in a case study style format! Clutch is the gold standard for ratings and reviews of B2B service providers — which is why we are so honored to maintain a stellar 4.3-star rating on the site!

In a recent review, Jim Egelston, the General Manager of BC Solutions LLC praised the ongoing IT support that we provide for his healthcare IT consulting company. Calling us an effective extension of his team, he emphasized how we consistently provide stellar recommendations for implementation.

We’re incredibly grateful to Jim and all of our satisfied clients. If you want to join their ranks, please contact us today!

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