What Is Co-Managed IT and Who Needs It?

What Is Co-Managed IT and Who Needs It?

Here’s a common scenario: An organization hires one or two in-house IT professionals to support its IT needs. As the organization grows, its information technology infrastructure becomes more complex, and that’s when management typically chooses to either hire more in-house IT employees or outsource the entire IT to a managed service provider (MSP).

But there’s a third option, one that combines the benefits of having an in-house IT department with the flexibility and cost-efficiency of a third-party vendor. Its name is co-managed IT, and this article explains what makes it so attractive to many SMBs that don’t want to outsource all of their IT needs but need extra support to keep all wheels turning smoothly.

What Is Co-Managed IT?

Co-managed IT, also referred to as Co-MIT, is an IT model that blends an internal IT team with outsourcing to an MSP.

With this model, the existing in-house IT staff is typically responsible for day-to-day operations, while a third-party vendor helps the organization implement and maintain sophisticated technology solutions (such as cybersecurity defenses, VoIP, or comprehensive monitoring). The vendor can also help the organization handle surges in demand that don’t warrant hiring another in-house IT professional.

As such, co-managed IT provides an attractive compromise between the traditional managed service model and building an entire IT department from the server room up. Organizations that choose this IT model can accomplish more with fewer employees and rest assured, knowing they are not entirely dependent on a third party.

What Are the Benefits of Co-Managed IT?

The benefits of co-managed IT largely stem from the fact that it provides seamless access to experienced technicians on an as-needed basis, including:

  • Around-the-clock support: Organizations with just one or two in-house IT professionals can easily find themselves without any IT support at all. With co-managed IT, help is always just one phone call away because most co-managed service providers operate 24/7.
  • On-demand scalability: Many organizations deal with seasonal surges in demand, which means that it’s not cost-effective for them to keep a fully staffed, in-house IT team all year round. A co-managed provider can flexibly fill any gaps in demand by providing on-demand expertise.
  • Enhanced security and compliance: The security and compliance landscape is becoming increasingly complex. A partnership with an experienced co-managed service provider is often the way for SMBs to avoid costly data breaches and the loss of reputation associated with them.
  • Increased productivity: Virtually all organizations today depend on IT to some extent. A co-managed IT provider can provide comprehensive monitoring to detect issues a long time before they turn into huge problems.
  • Cost savings: Because of the growing IT skills gap, hiring an in-house IT professional can put a huge strain on any SMB’s budget. The co-managed model provides on-demand access to top IT talent, making it a cost-effective alternative to extending an internal IT department.

As you can see, co-managed IT has plenty to offer to all organizations that would like to increase their productivity through technology without hiring additional employees to support it. Contact us at Spectrum Technology Solutions, and let us explain why you should choose us as your trusted co-managed service provider.

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