What Is an IT Roadmap & Does My SMB Need One?

What Is an IT Roadmap & Does My SMB Need One?

All SMBs in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona depend on technology to a degree, with some using it to support core processes and some basing their entire operation around it.

But despite how essential technology has become, only a small number of businesses have invested their time and energy in developing an IT roadmap.

That’s not good because it’s impossible for organizations to get the most value out of available technology solutions without creating an alignment with their overall strategic goals, and that’s very hard to do without an IT roadmap.

What Is an IT Roadmap?

An IT roadmap is an evolving document that answers the following three key questions:

  1. What technology solutions should be implemented next?
  2. Why should they be implemented?
  3. When will their implementation take place?

By answering these questions, it creates a technology roadmap for the whole organization to follow and plan its IT initiatives around.

Well-thought-out IT roadmaps reflect the ongoing digitalization of business processes that pushes organizations across all industries to implement innovative technology solutions to remain competitive.

In other words, an IT roadmap is a plan that details how to take current technology to the next level, and the next one, and the next one.

Does My Small Business Need an IT Roadmap?

To successfully compete with other SMBs, as well as large enterprises, your small business needs to fully leverage technology as a powerful competitive advantage. That’s not possible without having a detailed plan to follow, making the IT roadmap one of the most important documents you can create.

Here are several benefits of an IT roadmap:

  • Creates a strategic alignment: IT initiatives should always reflect the organization’s broader objectives, and that’s exactly what an IT roadmap can help accomplish by gathering the input from all stakeholders and using technology to support specific needs.
  • Prioritizes investments: These days, there are so many available technology solutions that SMBs can potentially implement to increase their efficiency, agility, and security that it’s easy to lose focus on what’s the most important at the moment. An IT roadmap makes it clear which IT investments have the highest priority and which can wait.
  • Saves money: Implementing IT solutions for the sake of implementing IT solutions can be a huge waste of time and, most importantly, money. To prevent this from happening, all IT investments should be evaluated based on their ability to support business operations, and that’s just what an IT roadmap aims to accomplish.

How to Create an IT Roadmap?

The creation of an IT roadmap requires all stakeholders to provide their input in order to align technology investments with business needs.

The resulting IT roadmap must be unique to your organization and include information about your short-term and long-term goals, the capabilities you would like to gain by investing in specific technology solutions, internal and external risk factors that may stand in your way, and more.

The good news is that you don’t have to create your IT roadmap alone. Instead, you can partner with a provider of managed IT services like us at Spectrum Technology Solutions and let our IT experts help you grow your business by creating a detailed IT roadmap for you to follow.

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