Advantages of Using an Arizona Managed IT Provider

Advantages of Using an Arizona Managed IT Provider

Outsourcing day-to-day IT management to a specialized company is a great decision for many small and medium-sized businesses in Arizona because it allows them to reduce their operational costs, maintain a sharp focus on core business, and enjoy access to new technology, among other things.

But the decision to outsource your IT needs to a managed services provider (MSP) brings an equally important question: Is it better to partner with a national provider or a smaller local one? We at Spectrum Technology Solutions, are convinced that going local and choosing an Arizona-based MSP is almost always the right way to go, and here’s why.

Advantage #1: Fast On-Site Support

There are now many national MSPs that provide virtual support to customers in all 50 states. Their pricing tends to be fairly attractive and their references impressive, but things start to look much less rosy as soon as a problem that can’t be solved over the phone or using remote access software occurs.

Even if you manage to convince a national MSP to actually send a technician over, you can expect to wait for days—not hours. That’s bad enough when fixing relatively common issues, but it can be downright catastrophic when dealing with a major disaster.

With a local Arizona managed IT provider, you count on someone coming to your location as soon as possible and using their expertise and experience to personally evaluate the problem, helping you determine the best course of action right there on the spot—no delays, no waiting, no anxiety.

Advantage #2: Personalized Service

Businesses in Arizona deal with different challenges than businesses in, let’s say Nebraska, Florida, or New York.  To successfully overcome the unique challenges they face, they need personalized IT solutions that reflect their needs and priorities, and that’s not something national providers with their one-size-fits-all IT approach can deliver.

Local MSPs in Arizona, such as us at Spectrum Technology Solutions, take pride in nurturing long-term relationships with customers. Such relationships allow them to thoroughly understand their customers’ needs and provide them with personalized solutions that reflect them. Business owners testimonials

Despite their personalized nature, the services of local MSPs are often priced more affordably compared with their national counterparts because they leverage local IT talent and focus their resources on a single market.

Advantage #3: Support Your Local Economy

If you’re a small or medium-sized business in Arizona, then it’s in your best interest to care about your local economy. By choosing an MSP that’s based in your home state, your money will be recirculated back into local businesses, creating a positive domino effect throughout the local community.

Since 2009, we at Spectrum Technology Solutions have been providing small and medium-sized businesses in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona with comprehensive, worry-free IT solutions. Over time, we’ve established ourselves as a dependable provider of managed IT services that stays abreast of the latest IT products and services and thrives on the challenge of customizing them for our customers’ benefit.

Get in touch with us and let us tell you why we would be an excellent local provider of managed IT services for you.

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