Not All Multi-Factor Authentication Methods Are Equally Secure

Password attacks, such as phishing, man-in-the-middle, brute force, and credential stuffing, were responsible for 81 percent of data breaches in 2020.

To protect themselves against them, organizations large and small are enabling multi-factor authentication (or just MFA for short), which is known to prevent 99.9 percent of account compromise attacks, according to Microsoft engineers.

Do the Benefits of Cloud Technology Outweigh the Risks?

The adoption of cloud technology has been experiencing a major growth spurt since the pandemic forced many employees to leave their offices and start working from home.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that the company had seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months as organizations large and small turned to its extensive portfolio of cloud services to stay open for business in a world marching to the beat of social distancing measures.

What Is an IT Roadmap & Does My SMB Need One?

All SMBs in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona depend on technology to a degree, with some using it to support core processes and some basing their entire operation around it.

But despite how essential technology has become, only a small number of businesses have invested their time and energy in developing an IT roadmap.

Top 3 Disaster Recovery Tips to Get You Back in Business

Unlike large enterprises, SMBs often don’t realize (or don’t want to admit to themselves) that disruptive events, such as hardware failures, natural disasters, and cyber attacks, are unavoidable. In fact, they are inevitable.

We know that 54 percent of organizations have experienced a downtime event that lasted more than 8 hours in the past five years alone, causing them to lose a significant amount of money and inflicting lasting reputation damage.