5 of the most recent DATA BREACHES

In the last few months, the cyber world has been hit with one attack after the other after the other. And while this sounds completely horrible, it really isn’t anything out of the ordinary. At this point, we’re used to cyber-threats and data breaches, and when something large-scale does occur, there’s the predictable mad dash for everyone and anyone to change their passwords – which is a good thing.

Spectrum Technology Solutions Supports New Life Center

Spectrum Technology Solutions Supports New Life Center

Spectrum is pleased to announce that during the month of June we were able to donate 1,128 bottles of water to The New Life Center. From June 1 - June 30, for every service ticket that our technicians were able to resolve Spectrum donated one bottle of water to this domestic violence shelter.

UMOM Organization

Helping Phoenix Community,

This month of July, we are partnering with UMOM, an organization that helps homeless people.

To help UMOM and the homeless people of Phoenix during these very hot summer months, Spectrum is donating 1 bottle of water for each service ticket we resolve between July 1 - July 31. Whichever service technician resolves the most tickets during the month of July will win a $50 gift card to Amazon!

You can learn more about this organization at: http://umom.

Cyber Security Webinar

Business owners do you want to learn about What Scammers and Hacker Threats look like?
You dont want to miss our upcoming Cyber Security Webinar.

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The Curse Called Mediocrity

It’s common sense. Growing your business or, simply, keeping it afloat requires the appropriate manpower. You can’t expect to be a one-man operating machine and you also can’t expect to go anywhere within the business realm with a throng of lackluster employees.

Spear Phishing: The Cyber Threat on Every Business Owner’s Mind

Spear phishing, or malicious emails targeted at specific industries, businesses, or individuals, is a top security concern amongst many American business owners.The average cost for a US business when they are successfully attacked by a spear phishing campaign is $1.8 million, and many security firms and solutions providers say these highly targeted email pushes are responsible for a great majority of security incidents.

How do Hackers Hack?

We hear about hackers hacking all the time. But how do they really do this? What is the actual “hack” of the matter?
There are plenty of ways a hacker can get what they want from a company, a person, or an agency, but here are a few of the most popular methods of attack.