Protecting Sensitive Data When Working from Home

For a long time, the ability to work from home was seen as a prized employee perk. Since the beginning of this year, working from home has become a necessity, allowing organizations to remain operational amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Many organizations were forced to quickly move their employees from the safety and comfort of the office network, exposing them to the same dangerous cyber threats they had spent years defending them against.

IT Budget Optimization for SMBs

Coronavirus lockdown measures in Arizona and other parts of the country have quickly altered how people spend their money, causing many small and medium-sized businesses to watch their revenue streams dry up. Even those who have so far been relatively unaffected have become more concerned with their spending and the various ways they can optimize it.

Tip #5: Backup your data

Hackers aren’t always interested in stealing your data. In some instances, encrypting or erasing your data is their end-goal. Make sure you have data backups at work and at home, so you don’t lose important files


Tip #3: Keep up with updates


Software updates are often issued to fix security flaws that could be exploited by a malicious actor. Updates can also provide new or enhanced features, and more! Keep up with updates for your security and to improve your user experience!

Tip #1: Think before you click

By using personal information, current events, hot-button topics, and more, cybercriminals will create enticing headlines to try to trick you into clicking on a malicious link.  Inspect every link and stop and think before you click