Project H2O Helping Phoenix Community

Project H2O

We are proud to announce this summer our service team closed 3000 service tickets,  which means we will be donating that amount of bottles of water to two different organizations:  New Life Center & UMOM.

New Life Center is a non-profit agency that helps victims of domestic violence abuse.

Successful H2O Summer Project

Successful H2O Summer Project  2902  Bottle of Water
Spectrum is happy to announce we were able to donate 2902 bottles of water in the last 3 months.

Part of our core values is team work & helping others. Great job to our Spectrum Team !!

What that means is more bottles of water we are donating to UMOM Organization to support homeless veterans.

STS Project H2O-2017

Spectrum Is happy to announce we were able to  close 870 ticket request for the month of July 2017.

What the means  is that we  have  870 bottles of water we are donating to New Life Center.

Thank you to our Technical Team..