What We Can Learn From WannaCry

What We Can Learn From WannaCry.

Last Friday the world was victim to a vicious cyber attack. The virus would lock users out of their computers and files until the user paid them to turn it off. WannCrypt, also known as WannaCry, was an incredibly well-executed Ransomware attack that targeted not only ordinary people but large companies in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Public Wi-Fi is Not Safe

Public Wi-Fi is not safe, many hackers are taking your information and your data. 

Many business owners used Wi-Fi on Hotels, Coffe shops, and many other locations when traveling.

To protect yourself from hackers you should have a VPN connection to your office.

The iPhone’s Night Shift mode makes it easier to fall asleep

The iPhone’s Night Shift mode makes it easier to fall asleep
The majority of us are probably guilty of messing with our smartphones long after we’ve turned in for the night. It might be close to 11, but we’re still laying on our bellies, propped up by our elbows, and flipping through our smartphones like a zombie running on ‘E’ walking through an empty field.

Spear Phishing: The Cyber Threat on Every Business Owner’s Mind

Spear phishing, or malicious emails targeted at specific industries, businesses, or individuals, is a top security concern amongst many American business owners.The average cost for a US business when they are successfully attacked by a spear phishing campaign is $1.8 million, and many security firms and solutions providers say these highly targeted email pushes are responsible for a great majority of security incidents.