iOS 11 update issue for Exchange 2016 / O365

iOS 11 is being released as an available update to iPhones and iPads today.
You might usually automatically go ahead and install updates as they become available on your iPhone or iPad. However, this iOS 11 update may break your email setup on your device if you are using the built-in mail application instead of the Outlook application.

What We Can Learn From WannaCry

What We Can Learn From WannaCry.

Last Friday the world was victim to a vicious cyber attack. The virus would lock users out of their computers and files until the user paid them to turn it off. WannCrypt, also known as WannaCry, was an incredibly well-executed Ransomware attack that targeted not only ordinary people but large companies in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Bluetooth-based skimmer


The device featured here is a Bluetooth-based skimmer;

it is designed to steal both the card data when a customer swipes and to record the victim’s PIN using a PIN pad overlay.

Learn more about it :

Public Wi-Fi is Not Safe

Public Wi-Fi is not safe, many hackers are taking your information and your data. 

Many business owners used Wi-Fi on Hotels, Coffe shops, and many other locations when traveling.

To protect yourself from hackers you should have a VPN connection to your office.

Your #1 MUST-DO Resolution For 2017

The #1 antidote for a data disaster

Note that human error accounts for 60% of the breaches. It’s no wonder then that ransomware attacks are on the rise, since they can be triggered by just one employee inadvertently clicking a bad link in an e-mail or social media site.

Sony got hacked again!!

Sony got hacked again
This larger companies have very sophisticated security systems in place. They are NOT easy to hack.

Therefore, if THEY are getting hacked, getting into small business’ network is not that challenging ... one in every five small business get hacked every year.