Today we will be talking about ransomware and how it can affect your business and some tips on how to protect yourself against it. When most people think of getting infected on their computer they think of malware or viruses. Most malware is silent or at least presents itself as so.

Fake Antivirus Scams

Fake Antivirus Scams

What Are They?

Scams like this will often start out with a website popup informing the user that their computer has been infected.  The more sophisticated scareware will even include credible details in the warning.  The popup will then offer a security scan or virus cleaning software for purchase.

Social Media Scams & How to Stay Safe?

What is a Social Media scam?
A social media scam is where attackers use social media platforms to trick people in to either sending money, personal information, or passwords.
What kind of scams are there?
Clickbait scams:
A clickbait scam is where a post in your social media feed, or pop-up will entice you into clicking on to the ad.

Cybersecurity On Romance Scam

What is Romance Scam?

A romance scam typically involves a scammer creating a fake profile using pictures from the internet or other legitimate profiles.  They use this fake profile to contact, whether through dating sites or other social media potential victims that they try to convince to get in a romantic relationship with.

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month

Cyberthieves are targeting you and you don’t even know it.

It is all over the news and we at Spectrum Technology Solution are talking about it with our clients and prospects all the time. Cybertheft is on the rise! It is no longer a question of if you will be compromised, it is when you will become a victim.

Arizona Business Leadership Recognition to Wayne Klug

Arizona Business leadership (AZBL) Recognition to Wayne Klug

Wayne was recognized at Arizona Business Leadership (AzBL) for 2 years of dedication and service on the Board of Directors.

He received an award of a beautiful Kachina, "The Morning Singer" which represents early morning or dawn and brings balance and harmony to the new day.

Ransomware attacks are more prevalent than you think

Jessica Davis writes on HealthITSecurity, 71% of Ransomware Attached Targeted Small Businesses in 2018. This impactful article starts off by quoting a report from Beazley Breach Response Services where “about 70% of small businesses are targets of ransomware attacks”. This is 7 out of every 10 small businesses.

An Urgent Security Warning For Any Business Still Running Windows 07

  An Urgent Security Warning For Any Business Still Running Windows 07

As of July 2019, 37% of all PCs are still running the Windows 7 operating system. If your organization is currently running Windows 7 on one or more computers in your office, you need to be aware that you are exposing your computer network to a dangerous security threat that must be addressed immediately.

Capital One Data Breach

Capital One data breach  impacts 100 million Americans

Be aware of all the personal information that has been breach

here's a link for more details on what happen and what you need to do next: https://cyware.com/news/capital-one-data-breach-impacts-100-million-americans-and-6-million-canadians-a3d6eb27