Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Restore your data and business operations quickly to survive any disaster

Data has always been critical for any business’ survival and growth, so the importance of recovering it quickly cannot be overstated. Meanwhile, the threats to your data are changing and unpredictable, from malware infections to server crashes to natural disasters, so your recovery planning must be dynamic and comprehensive.

Spectrum Technology has been keeping business data safe since 2009, with real-time backups, best-in-class cloud storage, and reliable data recovery tools. But we do more than just save your work to another hard drive: our comprehensive planning, with quick and easy steps, gets your entire business back on its feet in minutes.

“Let our experts take over your business continuity to protect your investment”

Spectrum Technology protects your business with:

  • Data security – bulletproof your mission-critical data with automatic backups
  • Fast recovery – restore access to files and emails quickly
  • Remote off-site storage – we archive your data at our secure data center
  • Virtualization of servers – we simplify your IT infrastructure for easier, more reliable disaster recovery