Cloud-based telephony for dynamic and reliable communications

In today’s global, virtualized business world, customers and employees expect more advanced communications than traditional landline phones. Spectrum Technology ’s VoIP phone system brings superior-quality, multifaceted communication that drives your business. Say goodbye to choppy, unidimensional calling, and say hello to on-demand, crystal-clear voice and video calling, and start communicating and collaborating better.

Beyond all the features our VoIP system offers, Spectrum Technology will be there to make the transition easy and keep costs low. We’ll handle the installation seamlessly, and always be there for support to make sure you get the most out of your VoIP investment.

“Our VoIP system lets you take advantage of enterprise-level calling features and lower phone bills ”

Our VoIP system gives you:

  • Scalability– software-based telecom allows you to add users easily
  • Call encryption – keep calls private and protects your information
  • Enterprise-level call features – operate better with free inter-office connectivity, voice transcription, automatic call distribution, and much more
  • Cost-effectiveness – save money with our flat monthly rate
  • Reliability – your VoIP software will always work with no billing surprises